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Choose your favourite weed from our cannabis menu. Weed delivery service in Bangkok available everyday. Please check back we regularly add new weeds to the menu. Weed shipping service in Thailand.

Candy Land

(19% THC / 1% CBG Sativa 70% Indica)

Talkative, Uplifting, Energetic

Flavour: Sweet, Spicy/Herbal, Honey

Studio 54 Cookies

(26% THC /0% CBD Sativa 75% Indica)

Sleepy, Hungry, Reduce stress

Flavour: Sweet, Mocha, Woody


(21% THC / 0% CBD Hybrid Sativa)

Focus, Talkative, Creative

Flavour: Vanilla, Berry, Mint, Raspberry Diesel

Candy Runtz

(2o% THC / o% CBD Hybrid Sativa)

Flavour: Sweet , Tree Fruit, Berries

Diamond Pink Runtz

(24% THC / 0% CBD Hybrid Sativa)


Flavour: Strawberry, Sweet, Grapefruit

Jelly Platinum

(15% THC / 0% CBD / Hybrid Sativa)


Flavour: Skunk, Grapefruit, Flowery

Gypsy Zoap

(26% THC / o% CBD Hybrid Sativa 95% Indica)

Relaxed/Creative/Release tension
Flavour: Spicy Pine, Woody, Earthy Sweetness

Coconut Skittle

(20% THC / 1% Sativa 50% Indica)


Flavour: Coconut

Guava Runtz

(31.7% THC / CBD 0.2 / Indica)

Deep Sleep/ Innovative energy

Flavour: Fruity, Sweet, Berry

Apple Tartz

(26% THC / 1% CBG Hybrid Indica)
Relaxed /Talkative/Euphoric
Flavour: Apple, Butter, Berry

Jealousy x KM

(18% THC / 0% CBG Hybrid Indica)
Flavour: Pepper, Earthy, Plum

Jelly Breath

(21% THC / 1% CBG Hybrid Indica)
Flavour: Tar, Chestnut, Berry


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